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To book a consultation with one of our lawyers, please use one of the following processes listed below.
All consultations are confidential and protected by solicitor-client privilege. We endeavour to schedule appointments as soon as possible.

Please provide your information and your questions below. We will contact you as soon as possible. If you need immediate help, please email at All consultations are confidential.


The fastest way to book a consultation with us is to use our Heron Law Offices online booking form.

You will be directed to a JotForm intake form so that you can send us the details of your inquiry.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact Heron Law Offices by email or by phone, and a professional will respond to you soon as possible. If you do not hear from us within two (2) business days, please ensure to check all your email folders and ensure we are on your safe senders list.

Office Hours

Please note that our preferred method of communication is email.

Contact us by webform

Alternatively, you can use the standard web form below and a member of our team will contact you within two (2) business days.

We will review your inquiry and send you our consultation details as soon as possible.

    Information About Initial Consultation Process and Fees

    Consultations with our lawyers are normally made on a one hour basis and cost between CDN $400 to CDN $500 (plus applicable taxes) depending on factors such as the lawyer, urgency, and matter type.

    We may be able to offer half an hour consultations on an exceptional basis for less complex and more directed consultations involving a few specific questions that can be addressed in a shorter amount of time. These consultations cost between CDN $225 to CDN $325 for half an hour.

    Unfortunately, we are unable to offer free consultations. We value the time we spend preparing and advising during paid consultations and do not wish to use them as marketing pitches.

    We are able to meet clients in three ways: virtually through Microsoft Teams (preferred), in person (at our offices), or at a location where you feel comfortable meeting us (your home, office, etc.).

    Information About Legal Service Process and Fees

    Following or during our consultation, our Team will be able to provide more details about our legal fees for your matter. Our assessment depends on factors such as the complexity of your matter, our experience/precedents, your ability to assist and contribute, and any possible work or preparation done to date.

    Heron Law Offices is able to provide both hourly and set fee options for clients who choose to retain our services. We also do assist in file reviews for self-represented or already represented applicants who seek a second-opinion on their matter or wanting to go over parts of an application.

    Please note that for most matters we are unable to provide a quote (or range) for services until we better understand your specific case through a paid consultation.

    We are advocates for transparent billing and will always be clear as to when and how a file is billed. We aim to charge market rates for our legal services commensurate with our own expertise and specializations. If we know of another lawyer who does it better than we do, we are not afraid to make the referral. We value honesty and strong communication. We are strong critics of the way in which many immigration practitioners over-promise, under-deliver, and cookie cutter their approaches to the provision of legal services.

    If our fees are beyond your ability to pay, we will do our best to guide you to appropriate community resources and other practitioners who may be able to offer reduced legal fees. We take pride in being the lawyers that will dig deeper and take extra care in the work we do. Good and competent work takes time.