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Heron Law Success Story: Overcoming Procedural Fairness Letter Related to Misrepresentation Allegations

Our client had been invited to apply for and had submitted an application for permanent residence through Express Entry, self-represented. During the final stages of processing, our client received a Procedural Fairness Letter (PFL) outlining the officer’s concerns regarding their failure to disclose a past visa refusal in their application. Upon consulting with our lawyer, we helped our client submit an extension of time request and developed a strategy to alleviate the Officer’s concerns through our written response. In less than one month, our client received instructions to continue with the PR landing process.


Heron Law 成功案例:应对虚假陈述指控导致的程序公正信 PFL

我们的客户受邀申请并通过快速通道DIY递交了永久居留申请。在申请的最后阶段,我们的客户收到了一封程序公正信(PFL),信中概述了签证官对其在申请中涉及未披露过去的拒签历史的顾虑。在与我所律师协商后,我们帮助客户提交了延期申请,并制定了一项策略,通过书面答复来减轻签证官的顾虑。在不到一个月的时间里,我们的客户就收到了继续进行 PR Landing 登陆程序的指示。


Heron Law Success Story: Overturning a Client’s LMIA-Based Work Permit Refusal

We helped a client from Tajikistan successfully obtain an LMIA-based work permit after their initial refusal. Despite strong evidence of his qualifications, his application was denied for allegedly not demonstrating the ability to perform the job. Heron Law Offices challenged the refusal in Federal Court, arguing that the decision was unreasonable and based on a misinterpretation of the applicant’s qualifications. The court ordered a redetermination by a different immigration officer. After submitting updated documents, the client received a work permit in March 2024. This case highlights the significance of judicial review in the Canadian immigration process.


成功案例:Heron 律师事务所通过司法审查推翻了被拒签的 LMIA 工签!

我们帮助一位来自塔吉克斯坦的客户在最初被拒后成功获得了基于 LMIA 的工签。Heron 律师事务所在联邦法院对这IRCC的拒签提出质疑,认为这一决定是不合理的,是基于对申请人资格的误解。法院下令由另一名移民官重新做出决定。在提交了最新文件后,客户于 2024 年 3 月获得了工作许可。此案凸显了司法审查在加拿大移民程序中的重要意义。

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