Witness Testimonials Wanted: Arenous Foundation Report on Education Consulting Industry (Confidentiality/Anonymity-Protected)

We are seeking personal experiences to tell an important counternarrative on the harms of an unregulated Canadian educational consulting/agency industry on international students. On our second major announcement today is that we are undertaking another major community/advocacy project at Heron Law Offices. As many know our Firm mandate is to serve community, and as we […]

Seeking: Canadian Study Permit Applicants Refused through IRCC’s Two-Stage Process After a First Stage Approval/Commencement of Studies Overseas

Heron Law Offices, in collaboration with experienced co-counsel in Toronto (formal announcement pending) are reviewing Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC’s”) Program Delivery Instructions from Spring/Summer 2020. We have some serious concerns about the procedural fairness and reasonableness of the eligibility review conducted on students who received first stage approvals and commenced studies overseas while […]