Seeking: Canadian Study Permit Applicants Refused through IRCC’s Two-Stage Process After a First Stage Approval/Commencement of Studies Overseas

Heron Law Offices, in collaboration with experienced co-counsel in Toronto (formal announcement pending) are reviewing Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (“IRCC’s”) Program Delivery Instructions from Spring/Summer 2020.

We have some serious concerns about the procedural fairness and reasonableness of the eligibility review conducted on students who received first stage approvals and commenced studies overseas while paying Canadian international student tuition.

We have been hearing from students and counsel who were not informed (and did not inform) IRCC of any changes to their eligibility and who were refused.

Contact us at with a brief description of your application/refusal process.

Reflecting the potential and possible group nature of this litigation, we will be charging a reduced hourly rate for initial consultations on these files as we seek to serve the public in ensuring this process of approving students to begin studies abroad but not allow them to enter Canada was done fairly and transparently.

We will be announcing our next steps and setting up individual consultations (if and as required) the week of August 17th as counsel discuss the best strategy to approach this issue for each potential client individually and as a group.

Counsel from Heron Law Offices have experience in strategic, group litigation and are focused on taking a community-lawyering approach to these efforts.

Thank you. We look forward to your inquiries.

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