An Open Letter from a Sudanese Diaspora Member in Canada

An open letter.

I am writing with a heavy heart as a member of the Sudanese diaspora. The declining situation in Sudan has been a source of concern and fear for many of us and it is time to speak out about the atrocities that are taking place in our motherland. It is heartbreaking to see our families and communities in Sudan suffer whilst the rest of the world stays silent.

For decades, Sudan and its people have endured unimaginable suffering, from decades of civil war under a 30-year dictatorship to the recent coup that overthrew the democratic government. The military regime that now controls the country has been responsible for countless human rights violations, including violent crackdowns on peaceful protesters, arbitrary arrests and detentions, and torture and murder of innocent civilians.

The current situation in Sudan is beyond a nightmare, it’s apocalyptic. On April 15th 2023, the Sudanese Army and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) began a violent fight for power in the capital Khartoum. Since then, countless innocent lives have been lost, homes have been destroyed, and people have been displaced.

The lawlessness has led many to fear not only leaving their homes but standing in them due to the risk of being bombed or killed. Basic necessities like food and water are scarce. Hospitals are running out of oxygen and other lifesaving resources. Doctors, like my dear uncle, are being murdered by criminals let out on the streets by the army and RSF.

There has been no support provided to the Sudanese people from the international community, let alone our own non-existent government. While countries are focused on evacuating their own citizens, we ask what about us? Many have had to take the risk and flee to neighboring countries at their own expense – it costs US$600 for a single person to escape.

In Canada, given the current immigration system that is programmed to work against us, how will Canada support Sudan as it has to other nations i.e., Ukraine, Afghanistan etc? Providing free application extensions for those IN Canada is simply not enough – what about the people outside Canada, leaving their entire lives behind? The fact that many do not have access to stable internet and other means also needs to be taken into account.

The silence on the events in Sudan is unacceptable. Simply praying for Sudan is not enough. We call for action, advocacy, and awareness for Sudan.

To my fellow Sudanese diaspora – One day Sudan will know peace and true democracy at the hands and will of the people. One day Sudan will be safe and prosperous for us to go home.

A Sudanese diaspora member in Canada.

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