Heron Law is Hiring!

We are looking for a mid-level (3-5 year + call) full-time, contract, Canadian immigration and refugee lawyer seeking a fresh start, new ideas, and greater sense of purpose in their work. We are a busy, dynamic, and primarily virtual office with physical premises in Burnaby, British Columbia, but with national and international reach that extends within and beyond Canada’s constructed borders.

We are looking for someone with energy, whose feet are not only already wet but whose bodies and minds are submerged in Canadian immigration law. This is your passion and it is ours too. You are dorky but relatable to your clients and to your teammates.

We ask prospective candidates to email lawyers@heronlaw.ca with their resume, two references (one who is personal, non-work, non-academic), and availability (dates/times/timezones) for a virtual and/or in-person interview. Our process is purposely informal but we will ask questions that will make you think about why you are choosing us, and will solidify our decision to choose you.

Our Ideal Candidate

Our ideal candidate is someone who is either a rising star in the field, an unsung hero, or somewhere in between. You are comfortable navigating and have an interest in both solicitor’s work and immigration litigation (primarily as it relates to workers, students, and families). You read Federal Court cases for breakfast. You can navigate LMIA-exempt work permits like you are Encyclopedia Brown (I told you we are dorky) and aren’t afraid to present to policy stakeholders, a Federal Court judge, or a Tribunal member a creative case even when the law is against you. You are looking to take your practice to the next echelon and are willing to pay it forward to our junior contract lawyers as you grow towards being an intermediate/advanced-level lawyer in the field. You believe firmly in changing Canadian immigration law through ethical and competent representation and advocacy.

You are also seeking liberation in your work. You want to choose your own schedule as a contractor, your own billing targets, work primarily from home but are drawn to access to the mentorship, shared resources, and energy of a young team that supports each other.  You are a self-starter with self-discipline.

Based on early performance, we are looking to engage an additional case manager to primarily work with you and assist you on your files to increase your billings. 

Let’s face it – you want to take home more money than your average salary currently pays and are willing to put in work to make this happen.

Our Team Culture

You are joining a team that works both independently with clients and co-dependently on client files. We spend copious time laughing with (and at) each other on MSTeams, but as the pandemic eases up, we love a great potluck, restaurant meal, and random adventure to a bird sanctuary or an art gallery. We are an all-racialized team of lawyers and support staff that is very active in cultural communities. We volunteer our time to help others outside of our working hours. Above all, we emphasize ‘family first’ and focus on your well-being, safety, and security while practicing with us. 

As they say – birds of the same feather, flock together.


  • You are called to the Bar in a Province of Canada and are an existing authorized representative under Canadian immigration law (or have been, if you have been on a recent hiatus);
  • You have a home office set-up and are able to contribute to our Firm on a full-time basis; and
  • You have been practicing Canadian immigration law for at least 3 to 5 years (if your full-time articling position was solely/primarily in immigration, we will give you credit).

Additional Assets, but Not Required

  • You are able to travel to our Burnaby, British Columbia office on a regular basis;
  • You have experience as a solicitor working with employers, employees, work permits, various Provincial Nomination Programs, Business/Entrepreneur Immigration Programs, and LMIAs (someone’s got to do them);
  • You have experience arguing in front of the Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal, and Immigration and Refugee Board; and
  • You are bilingual or multilingual



  • Remuneration is by fee split (percentage to be discussed/negotiated, based on level of experience);
  • Law Society Fees and a CPD budget will be provided;


Application Close Date: *EXTENDED*  – 31 January 2022

We are committed to hiring in a manner that serves the community we represent. Preference will be provided to Indigenous applicants, people of colour, all genders, LGBT2Q+ and persons with disabilities.  Please let us know if any accommodations are required, as they will be provided upon request during the selection process.

About Heron Law Offices 

We are a forward-looking full-service Canadian Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship law firm based in the Greater Vancouver area and serving clients across Canada and Globally.

Our focus is in the representation of families (sponsors/applicants), international 

students/designated learning institutions, and temporary workers with complex immigration applications and litigation. Our immigration litigation work focuses on Immigration Appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division, Inadmissibility matters before the Immigration Division, and Judicial Reviews before the Federal Court of Canada. We actively engage in strategic litigation and community lawyering.

Our dedication and focus on our craft enables us to assist you and your loved ones. Canadian immigration is not an easy process, but we are here to be your trusted advisors in your time of greatest need. We take care of your best interests and at the same time work to break down systemic barriers, help change law and policy, and advocate for Indigenous sovereignty.

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