Heron Law Offices Offers Indigenous Name Reclamation Pro Bono Legal Advice

We are serving clients across Canada, assisting with both Provincial and Federal Processes

Since June 2021, we have been assisting Indigenous clients with their name reclamation via Provincial and Federal processes and working with our network of national pro-bono lawyers to assist. In addition to assisting in reviewing the applications, drafting forms, and providing required notarizations on a pro bono basis, we also cover incidental expenses for those applicants who may have financial constraints.

We note that changing one’s passport or IRCC documents requires first a Provincial name change application. Each Province has their own process, requiring different forms, with different requirements on the requirements of police background checks, and eligibility for fee waivers. Many Provinces do not publicly post their Indigenous name reclamation process and require Applicants to reach out to obtain information about the procedure.

We recently discussed this initiative with CBA National Magazine https://nationalmagazine.ca/en-ca/articles/law/access-to-justice/2021/reclaiming-their-names

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